Born in 1963, Frédéric Delmas has been passionate about photography since childhood. A professional photographer for 25 years, Frédéric Delmas has traveled the world to capture his images which have been published by various magazines spanning the globe. Specializing in fashion and glamour photography early in his career, his passion for lighting and contrast have worked in synergy for many years with prestigious publications such as Galerie Amerique, Cuddles, New Look, and Club Angleterre. Enriched by this international experience, Frédéric Delmas has expanded his scope and has become interested in very diverse areas. As a result, he is regularly contacted by media outlets and clients like Club Cigare, Univers des Voyages, Horizon Thalasso & Spa or Univers Luxe.



For many years, I've worked as a team with a professional journalist, Florence Bernardin  , who collaborates with a number of media that call me to offer quality work to different magazines. For all requests regarding brochure creation, advertising leaflets or press kits, I provide turnkey solutions composed of quality photos, powerful text, and original artwork. 



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